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What To Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be an exciting yet daunting experience. You may have questions about what to expect, what to wear, and what to do during the worship service. At First Congregational Church of Norwalk, we want to make your first visit as comfortable and welcoming as possible. 


Sundays at 10AM

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 10AM-2PM


3 Lewis St, Norwalk, CT 06851


On-street parking is available including on Park Street and Lewis Ave (on the north side). On Sunday mornings, parking is available in the nearby lots shaded in red below. Please note that some parking spots are designated, so be sure to pay attention to nearby signs.

parking lots.png

What should I expect when visiting your church for the first time?

Upon arrival, you can expect a warm welcome from our ushers. They will give you an order of service. Sunday Worship is geared towards worshippers of all ages. We also invite you to join us for coffee hour or other social events after service.

Is there a dress code for attending worship?

There is no specific dress code at our church. All are welcome to come just as you are. You will find people wearing their Sunday best and those wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Please wear what is most comfortable to you.

Is your church inclusive of all people?

Absolutely. We are a multi-racial and open and affirming congregation and are dedicated to welcoming all. We value inclusivity and diversity in our congregation, and strive to create a welcoming environment for everyone who attends. Additionally, we are dedicated to the work of continually widening the welcome to the outsider.

How can I get involved with the community?

We offer a variety of opportunities to get involved beyond Sunday Worship. Be sure to check out our events page, and please contact the church for more information.

Where do I enter the church on a Sunday morning?

You can enter through the main doors facing the Green. Our ushers will be there to greet you. You will enter the narthex, which is the room before the sanctuary, where we have worship.

What are your worship services like?

Our Worship Celebrations are casual. We hope that you will worship as you feel led. We love a good “Amen” or “Preach Preacher!” but silent reflection and engagement are great too. Children, even fussy ones, are always welcome. We celebrate Communion (Lord's Supper) the first Sunday of each month. Our table is open to all.


We hope to see you soon!

Reach out to us with any questions you might have.

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