John Strand

Senior Deacon Elect

John has served the church in numerous capacities, including as Moderator of the Church Council,
Deacon, Chair of several committees and in the Gospel Choir. He and his wife, Susan, joined the church
in 2003 at the time of the baptism of their grandchildren. They were drawn to the church by the sense
of spiritual community, diversity and commitment to social justice. A retired public school educator,
John served three different school districts as Superintendent of Schools and founded an experimental
high school in New York City and an innovative early childhood school in Peoria, Illinois. He holds a B.A.
from Carleton College, an M.A. from Wesleyan University, and a doctorate from Teachers College,
Columbia University. A veteran of the voting rights movement in Mississippi in the 1960’s, he has
strived in his career and as a citizen to support movements for racial and economic justice.