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Our Ministries

We believe in providing diverse and meaningful opportunities for our community members to connect, grow, and serve together. That's why we offer a variety of ministries designed to meet the unique needs and interests of each individual. Whether you're drawn to music, faith formation, prayer, or children's ministry, we have something for everyone. Each of our ministries is rooted in our shared values of community, service, and spiritual growth. We invite you to explore the following descriptions of our ministries to find the one(s) that are right for you.



Our choirs are Amazing!  Whether you enjoy a Classical piece or a Gospel vibe, our choirs will bring your worship experience to new heights.


Our Music Director Chris Coogan leads our groups and would love to have you join. To learn more or to join our choirs, reach out to us with the link below. 

Faith Formation

We believe that faith formation is an ongoing process that requires intentional exploration and reflection. Our faith formation ministry provides opportunities for individuals to deepen their understanding of their faith and explore questions of theology and spirituality in a supportive community environment. One of our most popular offerings is our book club series, which meets regularly to discuss works of literature that explore themes related to faith and spirituality. Through thoughtful conversation and reflection, participants are able to deepen their understanding of their own beliefs and connect with others on a similar journey of spiritual growth. Whether you are a lifelong believer or new to the faith, we welcome you to join us in our ongoing pursuit of spiritual formation and growth.



Whether you are going through a difficult time or simply in need of some extra guidance, our prayer team is here to offer their support. If you have a prayer request, we encourage you to reach out to us either through our website or by speaking with one of our pastors during service. We believe that prayer is a powerful tool for healing and growth, and we welcome the opportunity to pray with and for you.

Children & Youth

The FCC Youth Group (ages 13-18/grades 8-12) engages in service projects, both within our church community and in the broader local community. The FCC Youth Group holds discussions of social justice issues, faith, and whatever is on our hearts and minds to share with our peers in a safe space.

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